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I was looking for a show prospect puppy and wanted to go direct to the best breeder. I really liked the look of the puppies that were coming from Emcee's Kennel in Virginia, so I called there and spoke to Morris Carson. He said, "Well, it's funny that you called, because I have here just what I think you need. He's only two days old now, but he'll be ready in about 9-10 weeks."

I was so excited and I was like an expectant parent. I made airline reservations, saved money and made plans for the new babies' arrival. I even named him Krypton-Knight before I ever saw him.  When the time came, I flew to Virginia to meet Mr. Carson and my new baby. I was so excited and when I saw Krypton-Knight a tear came to my eye. I fell in love with Krypton's sister too and she also came home with me.

After Krypton was old enough, I tried to show him, but I was inexperienced and learned too late that I should have been socializing Krypton at a younger age. You could see in his eyes how afraid he was to be in the show ring, plus he's very noise sensitive. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for him to be a show dog, but Krypton has become a very important part of our breeding program. He's a very good stud dog and breeder and his puppies tend to be high-quality show prospects due to his excellent breeding and pedigree from Emcee Kennels in Virginia where he came from.

Artemus & Krypton-Knight



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