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Kids That Look Like Their Dogs



Lorene and Nena

Ultimately, our goal is to produce show quality Pomeranian puppies, but we also want to better the breed. We study the pedigrees and line breed for high quality and soundness. We also try to breed for a soft temperament, but we want them bold enough to make it in the show ring.

To accomplish our goals, we follow a rigid schedule starting from the time the puppy is conceived. When they are very young, they learn about grooming and they're trained with a lead. The puppies are also disciplined and socialized at "Puppy Boot Camp". When they are old enough, we try to place them in a loving, responsible home, ideally to help in sponsoring the development of the dog to it's full potential, then we continue to mentor as long as necessary.

Premier's Jazz at 5 Months

Dexter with his son, Manny who was adopted in
August, 2003 and now lives in Ft. Lauderdale

Apollo is another one of Dexter's puppies,
who was placed in a show home July 12th, 2003

This is Victor, our latest show prospect puppy at 2 months.
He is 1-1/4 lbs of solid Pom personality

Victor appears to have promising quality,
and we have high expectations for him

This is Victor at 5 months



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