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Sissy weighed only 2 ounces at birth and now weighs 4 ¼ lbs. We intend to breed her for the first time to a very special male in January 2004. Sissy spends a lot of time working as a therapy dog in a convalescent home, where she makes everyone happy she has contact with.


BonBon weighed 2 ½ ounces at birth and now weighs 4 ¼ pounds. She has been bred twice to BIS Ch Bobii's Valentino Magic Mini. The first breeding produced three females, born in September, 2001. One became Premier's Ch Jewell Lee. The second breeding produced one male and one female in February, 2003. The male, Bobii's I B Bruce Almighty was shown in Orlando by Bobii Earle where he took "Best in Show Puppy" when he was 4 months old.


Jean's Bold'N Beautiful is her name, because as a puppy she was very sure of herself, very beautiful and heavy coated. We call her BB for short and to us, she is very special.

I have a subscription to a publication called The Pom Reader and in one of the early issues was the most beautiful male I had ever seen. His name was "CH Wee Hearts Musical Tunes Toney". I was so impressed with him, that I made a phone call to congratulate his owners on his championship and to tell them I agreed with the judge. Eventually, I was able to obtain BB, who is the great granddaughter of Champion Wee Heart's Musical Tunes Toney.


We are very proud of Premier's Champion Jewell Lee. To us, she is very, very special and is one of the prettiest and sweetest Pomeranians you will ever find. She is small and weighes just 3½ pounds. Her father is BIS Ch BISS Champion Bobii's Valentino Magic Mini, who comes from a long line of champions and her mother is Premier's BonBon, who's father is Champion Raffinan's Dexter.


Haley came to us through a good friend, Kim Smith. At the time, Haley was going through her “uglies”, which is common for Poms at three months through nine months of age. That didn’t deter me, I’m familiar with that stage and knew there was a beautiful Pom in there just waiting to come out. Haley blossomed into more than I had ever expected, plus she has a wonderful, sweet, soft temperament. On September 30th, she gave birth to two beautiful baby girls.


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